MGK provides courses for EVERYONE.

MGK Fight Club is a unique martial arts experience, where it is possible to train with professional fighters, coaches, and members of all levels and backgrounds.
The club is open to all ages, all objectives (from fitness to competition), and most importantly, all levels (from beginner to professional fighter) are welcome.
MGK is more than a school or academy; MGK is a FAMILY where we help each other grow to become better on and off the mats.
Children (3-15 years old)

Apart from the benefits of learning martial arts and self-defense techniques, Kung Fu classes for kids are designed to help kids to develop key skills such as coordination, balance and healthy lifestyle.

Adults (15+ years old)

Learn the MGK approach of Wing Chun, covering all aspects of martial arts from combat sports to self-defense, and improve your health and lifestyle by developing strength, cardio and other useful skills.

This session is designed specifically for fighters looking to gain experience and practice with other professional fighters. With the goal of fighting competitively under the Fight Club’s colors.

Private Sessions

By booking private sessions you can enjoy a personalised programme suited to your background and objectives, a training plan adapted to your schedule and an instructor fully focused on your specific needs.

Have you heard
of MGK Premier?

We have opened another branch of MGK on Hong Kong Island, in the heart of Central. MGK Premier is focused on providing classes to people looking for a physical leisure activity, where once again anyone is welcome!

We offer various classes:

Jiu Jitsu (for Kids and Adults)
Striking (for Kids and Adults)


1F, 20 Stanley St, Central,
Abdoolally House, Hong Kong
Phone: +852 9303 7235

Looking for a
space to live or to conduct classes of your own in Discovery Bay?

We have some options for you!

For additional information, contact Marc at +852 9303 2996 

1 Office Space
- 532 DB plaza

Looking for a quiet place to work or have meetings in Discovery Bay? Rent this place!

1 Training Space
- 332 DB plaza

If you need somewhere to conduct your classes or simply looking for somewhere indoor to train and avoid the heat. Rent this place!