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Train to be a fighter or take on a leisure fitness activity.

MGK provides courses for EVERYONE. MGK Fight Club is a unique martial arts experience, where it is possible to train with professional fighters, coaches, and members of all levels and backgrounds. The club is open to all ages, all objectives (from fitness to competition), and most importantly, all levels (from beginner to professional fighter) are welcome. MGK is more than a school or academy; MGK is a FAMILY where we help each other grow to become better on and off the mats.


Striking incorporates different methods of punching, kicking, elbows and knees to attack your opponent. With coaches proficient in different types of striking based martial arts such as Muay Thai and MMA learn an array of different striking styles.


With the rise of UFC in mainstream media, MMA has become one the worlds hottest sports in the last decade. The origins of MMA began with the discovery of which martial art was the most efficient, but has now evolved into an art form which incorporates the best parts of different styles.


Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (or BJJ), is a form of martial arts based on grappling- grabbing, pushing and pulling to control your opponent. One of the best martial arts to learn for self-defence, BJJ is a technical sport that relies on using technique and leverage to overcome power.


Feeling a tightness in your back? Not able to touch your toes? Whatever your goals are, empower yourself through our yoga classes. Our classes range from finding strength in weakness, and loosening up the muscles.

Wing Chun

Immerse yourself in a more traditional martial art in Wing Chun. Learn how to find power in structure and discipline in Wing Chun, where our instructors will teach the purpose of different hand and body forms, which can be applied to live sparring.

Beach Boxing

Take advantage of our surrounding environments, and join us for a session of boxing on the beach. Learn different boxing techniques while having an intense workout in the sand.

Children Classes (from 3 to 15 years old)

Toddlers (3 to 5 years old)

The toddler class is designed for kids starting around 3 years old. They learn mostly mobility drills and basic martial arts movements to improve their balance, mobility, coordination, and safety. Due to their young age, the program is not focused on one specific martial art. Instead, it’s a program to develop all skills, striking and grappling.

A large part of the class is also focused on teaching them how to listen to instructions, respect their partners, focus on some specific exercises, and pay attention to details. 

The program is constantly evolving, and parents are invited to give feedback about the class contents and the results they see in their kids’ behavior. 

Kids (6 to 11 years old)

All rounded classes for kids to develop complete self-defense skills stand up and on the floor, striking and grappling, in all situations.

The classes’ focus is on developing self-confidence, respect, discipline, and a competitive spirit.

Kids can choose to focus solely on BJJ and grappling or do all MMA classes.


Teenagers (12+ years old)

This is a class for teenagers to get  together and learn complete self-defense skills. Students work together to push each other further. They will have specific activities to develop their martial arts skills in several departments. These classes will also help them develop self-confidence, respect, discipline, and a competitive spirit.

These classes are a great opportunity for them to dissipate their energy accumulated during the day, and invest it in the development of self defense skills.

Weekend Family classes

Weekend classes are designed for the whole family to train together.

Sometimes participants are separated into different groups of age and level, supervised by various coaches.

However, some of the classes are dedicated to bringing the groups together and learning how to help each other. 

These classes are an opportunity to exercise in a fun way and enjoy a family activity on the weekend.

Adult classes (from 15+ years old)

Adult classes provide a wide range of different classes to enjoy at whatever level you feel comfortable with. The classes are led in groups in order to make practice enjoyable, to build a sense of community, and most importantly to provide motivation to work hard. 



Professional sessions

Sponsored training for professional fighters, fellow instructors, and training partners.

Marc Guyon is part of a network of MMA coaches and fighters who train together in various places:

Discovery Bay: Extra MMA and grappling sessions organised regularly in the morning on weekdays. All competitors are welcome.

Hong Kong Fight Club and Sensory Fight Club: BJJ and no gi grappling.

Warrior Academy, Sai Ying Pun: Wrestling and MMA.


Contact Marc for more info.


Private sessions / Personal Training

As we know your schedules are getting busier, Marc Guyon has developed tailored personal programs for specific needs.

With Private sessions, a 2-hour class program once or twice a week, gives you the opportunity to learn all aspects of martial arts. Ranging from traditional techniques to MMA, and from technical drills to sparring and fitness conditioning.

Private sessions can also be booked in schools as weekly physical activity or for summer camps. 

Book a private session:

  • A personalised program suited to your background and objectives.
  • A training plan adapted to your schedule.
  • An instructor fully focused on your training and specific needs.

PT can be booked for 1 or several students (up to 4 maximum, without affecting the price).

Bookings can be made at DB Plaza studio, at Hong Kong Fight Club in Wan Chai, or other locations.

However, it is also possible to book PT for a school or for the office.

What should I wear?

*MGK uniform is not required for the first class, but is mandatory for the following classes.
Classes Required equipment
Striking  MGK uniform* ($250)
Boxing  Boxing gloves (16oz)
MMA  MGK uniform* ($250)

7oz (or more) MMA gloves

BJJ with GI Basic or Hayabusa BJJ Gi


BJJ No Gi 


Outdoor Boxing

No equipment needed
Wing Chun MGK uniform* ($250)
*MGK uniform is not required for the first class, but is mandatory for the following classes.
Classes Required Equipment
Toddler MGK uniform* ($250)
Kids Hayabusa BJJ Gi + belt

MGK uniform ($250)

Teens Basic or Hayabusa BJJ Gi

BJJ belt

Mgk Uniform* ($250)

The equipment needed can be bought at the club, but outside as well as long as they fit the requirements (except for the MGK uniform.)

Ready to start?

Get a look at the most convenient offer for you.
  • $ $350
    1 session
  • Want to Drop In a class?
  • @ Discovery Bay
  • $ $1,200
    Unlimited sessions for a week
  • Take on a Week Pass
  • @ Discovery Bay
  • $ $3,500
    Unlimited sessions for a month
  • Take on a Month Pass
  • @ Discovery Bay
  • $ $1,200
    Per hour class (for up to 4 people)
  • Want a Private Training?
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Or become a longtime member and take advantage of cheaper prices!

  • $ $3,250
    Unlimited sessions
  • Monthly Membership*
  • 50% off for the 3rd Family member

    Special Offer

    Personal Training at $800 per hour (for up to 4 people)
    Coaches subject to availability

  • $ $30,000
    Unlimited sessions
  • Yearly Membership
  • 50% off for the 3rd Family member

    Special Offer

    Personal Training at $800 per hour (for up to 4 people)
    Coaches subject to availability

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* Membership has to last 6 months minimum.