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At MGK, we do not provide traditional fitness or martial arts classes. Instead, the MGK club is very flexible to your needs, as we pride ourselves on delivering tailor-made lessons to help you reach your potential. We will see with you what you need to work on and will focus on it more.

Our teaching approach is focused on practicality rather than theory. Indeed, we teach a combination of concepts rather than teaching concepts specific to the class taken. We mean by this that we focus on teaching techniques common to all our classes as they are helpful when it comes to being efficient. 

By training in Europe and Hong Kong, Marc has acquired a thorough understanding of traditional and modern martial arts and developed a unique approach to learning.

His objective is to train you in martial arts and self-defense in the most realistic way possible and help you develop your maximum potential in all aspects of life.

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MMA professional fighter, Purple belt BJJ
MMA professional fighter, Purple belt BJJ
BJJ Black belt
BJJ Black belt
Muay thai professional fighter
Muay thai professional fighter
BJJ Black belt
BJJ Black belt
Fitness coach, Children classes
Fitness coach, Children classes
Coach assistant, Children classes
Coach assistant, Children classes

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people saying


It was really a pleasure to begin Kung Fu with Marc because he is an outstanding teacher and person. He makes me like martial arts.

Thibaud Sarrazin-Boespflug Insurance Broker

Learning Kung Fu is something I had never thought about before, but then I met Marc in Hong Kong and decided to give it a try. I really enjoy it since then, and Marc is a very passionate and enthusiastic teacher. I recommend to everybody to try, including women because it can help gain confidence. Kung Fu embodies much more than fighting, it is a philosophy that can help you in your daily life.

Céline Chou Marketing and Business Development Manager

As a busy business man, balancing between work and life is never easy, especially for a frequent traveller like me. Following Marc to learn martial arts every Sunday is definitely a good choice to help me clear my mind.

Denis Ho Business Manager

New to MGK? Become a Long-term Member!


Support the club by becoming a member, and enjoy some unique perks.

Being a long-term member enables you to:

  • Have a better value monthly fee, which remains constant for the duration of your uninterrupted membership.
  • Have various discounts and exclusive privileges from our partners.
  • Not worry about remembering the due dates of your fees.

When taking on a membership set up an autopay (standing instruction, use your name in the ‘reference’ section). You can set the autopay at any date of the month, to make it convenient for you.

However, a membership has a minimum term of 6 months and is a long-term commitment which cannot be suspended.

  • $ $3,250
    Unlimited sessions
  • Monthly Membership*
  • 50% off for the 3rd Family member
  • $ $30,000
    Unlimited sessions
  • Yearly Membership
  • 50% off for the 3rd Family member

Get to know Marc, the Founder of MGK!


Marc Guyon was born and raised in France by Franco-Vietnamese parents.

He started training in Wing Chun Kung Fu in 1999 at the age of 15, then teaching in 2004 as a part-time job while at university. He also diversified his training at the university with western boxing, French savate boxing, and fencing. He became a semi-finalist of the French national university boxing championship in 2010. He also trained in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Muay Thai, kickboxing, and more disciplines before moving to the UK after university in 2010, where he started to compete specifically in MMA.

He started his professional career as a finance controller in the UK, then in Hong Kong for a few years, while training for white-collar fights and teaching martial arts part-time. In 2015, he decided to dedicate himself full time to his passion for martial arts and volunteer involvement in associations and charities.

Now a professional MMA fighter and founder of “MGK Fight Club,” he is also very involved as a volunteer in the French expat community. Often referred to as the president of the “UFE” (Union des Français de l’étranger, the oldest and most important French society in the world) in Hong Kong. He is passionate about coaching and helping people in all matters, giving back to the community, helping expats settle down, build a network, and find a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

Marc is not the usual martial arts coach. His focus is on helping busy people achieve what he did: having a full-time job and, at the same time, having a balanced and athletic lifestyle. He wishes to prove that everyone can be a high-level athlete, even the typical busy office worker. He understands the white-collar lifestyle and believes martial arts bring critical skills to managers and business leaders. His areas of expertise include martial arts techniques but also: life coaching, team building, and any development skills such as mental strength, self-confidence, teamwork, and ability to work hard under pressure.

Now living in Hong Kong, he runs classes and offers high-level open training sessions. These offerings are done in partnership with other athletes and instructors to help martial artists of all disciplines and levels develop their game and surround themselves with like-minded people.

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Martial Arts Gym in Wan Chai. Specialties : BJJ, Submission Grappling.

All MGK members can claim a McSorley’s/Eclipse group member card, which grants member prices at McSorley’s, Coyote, Cafe Siam, and Havana Bar : 20% off + points.

Osteopathy, Kinesiology, Audio Therapy. 15% off for MGK members. 10% off for MGK members’ relatives.

Osteopathy, Sports Massage, Functional Sport Specialist. 300 HKD off for MGK members and relatives on first appointment and 100 HKD off on follow up.

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